A human pin cushion?

Yesterday was a long day at Sloan.  Thanks to my friend Victor for tagging along and waiting around!  I had to be at Sloan around 9am.  They were very fast at getting me taken back and prepped for the procedure.  Given the flu outbreak they were requiring everyone to wear masks.  I think I need to get a few of those bad boys for at the office!  I don't know why folks show up for work when they are sick?  ok... ok... that can be a whole other post!.

Back to the human pin cushion!  They were trying to put an IV in my hand to get me started for the biopsy.  The nurse had a hard time with the first spot she tried.  Her comment (as I was saying ouch!) was " I think I had too much coffee today!'.  She called in another nurse to give it a try.  She got one in but that too hurt!  But I figured I could handle it since I was eventually going to get sedated!  They stated that at least I wouldn't have to get stuck anymore today and I reminded them I still had to get blood drawn and get a CT scan.  They told me I could keep the hand IV in for my scan.  Liar!

The biopsy wasn't too bad.  Laid there for a long time as they prepped me.  Too bad they couldn't have gotten my ct scan done there with contrast since it was a scan guided biopsy!  They gave me a twilight sedation which basically meant I was awake for the whole procedure but didn't really care it was going on!  All I felt was a lot of pressure on my stomach.  The main doctor did say it was a tricky spot to try and biopsy but he thought he could get to it.

After sitting in recovery for 2 hours and getting blood drawn, they were ready to send me over to the outpatient facility.  They wrote a doctors order so I could leave the main hospital with the IV in still.  FYI when they tried to disconnect the line it hurt!  and hurt more when they flushed it with saline it hurt more!  I was told it was just because the hand is sensitive!  Well when I got to the next location to get my scan the nurse said it wouldn't work for the scan.  I wasn't surprised since it hurt just getting saline solution - how would contrast feel!  So I got needle poke #4!

No major issues on the scan.  Still no details yet on the scan or the biopsy.  But still all set to start the trial on Monday!

Mmm... my after lunch drink - scan juice!

Sunrise this morning!  Much nicer today than it was yesterday!

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  1. It seems dear Erin you were a human pin-CUSHION! You brave girl! so all set for Monday then.
    Try to have a wonderful weekend.
    If you don't post until after Monday I shall be thinking of you.