Central Park in January

By far one of my favorite places to visit in NYC is Central Park.  I love it any time of the year!  It always amazes me how many people you can find in Central Park.  I get it, if you're a New Yorker - where else can you go to let your kids play, walk the dog, go for a run, etc.  I've been in the area for over 2 years and I have yet to explore all it has to offer.  Typically I don't make it to the north 1/2 of the park.  But I highly recommend it!

After my appointment I was trying to decide if I take the 6 train (closest train to the acupuncture place) and switch 2 times or take a stroll thru Central Park (since the weather was in the mid 50's).

You can check out some more info on Central Park Here

I took my time wandering thru the park.  I wasn't in any hurry and my back is feeling pretty good!  Too bad that wasn't the case last weekend when I had visitors!  Ugh such is life.

A few pictures I took today!  Enjoy!

Central Park Wildlife :)

A view of the BoatHouse
Street Performers 
Bethesda Terrace - one of my favorite areas
Ice Skating anyone?

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  1. So pleased your back is feeling better and lucky us! The pictures are g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!! I felt like I was there with you!