Flu Season.... grr

Not much to report lately.  They've said that PD1 has fewer side effects than Ipi.  If you look at the trial paperwork likely side effects are: feeling tired (check on that one!), cough, rash, and itching of skin (check again on that one!)

I am concerned over getting the flu.  Seems everyone at work is getting sick (and not staying home!)  So far so good, although today I do have an earache and a bit of a scratchy throat.  Hoping a good night sleep will help keep it at bay!  Busy weekend coming up!  So I don't want to be sick!  (will post more on that later... helping take pictures at the Rebuilding Hoboken Gala on Saturday!)

I am sure the strange weather doesn't help!  Freezing temps, then almost 60 degrees yesterday but today 60 mph wind gusts and dropping temperatures!  Winter is fun!  :)

Hope all is going well!

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