I love visitors!

I once had someone point out to me that I get a lot of visitors :)  I love visitors.  I think the reason is because NYC area is so much more entertaining than when I lived in Columbus, OH or even Greensboro, NC.

Mike was my first visitor of 2013!  We were going to do a lot of exploring in the city but I ended up having my back act up - as if I don't have enough issues going on, right?  lol!  But we still headed in to the city for a bit and then home to watch the Vikings get beat...

Mike and I enjoying Bryant Park and people watching

Trying to be creative :) 
this picture was an accident...  but you can see Dublin
checking out the duck!
First sunset picture of 2013!

Bryant Park
Mike and I walking to the train station
One World Trade reflection in 9/11 Memorial in Jersey City

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  1. Gorgeous photos Erin and you ARE very creative with them.
    Hope the back has settled down, that can dampen the best of spirits.
    Stay happy :) dear girl.

  2. Thanks Rose! You're too kind! The back doesn't help things... but hopefully in a few days it will be back to normal! Trying my first round of acupuncture tomorrow! Will see how that goes!

    Hope you're well!