Mike the situation a superhero?!?

Apparently this has been out for awhile?  but I first heard about it last night when Fox News when Arnold Diaz was doing one of his "Shame, Shame, Shame' Segment.

I never watched the Jersey Shore.  I tried watching an episode when I moved to Jersey but just couldn't make it thru one.  I don't know why they would want to make a Comic Book with this guy?  Mike was stated as saying that he gets his super powers from a faulty tanning bed?  I highly doubt in these comic book he gets super powers and fights the black beast of Melanoma!

Not sure what kind of message this sends to young folks?  So many folks are trying hard to stop folks from getting in to a tanning bed.

I'm not sure who would really find this much of a superhero story?  But that's just my opinion :)  You can decide on your own!

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  1. Ugh....just...ugh! I would rather poke my eyeballs with a rusty fork than watch anything Jersey Shore related, and this comic book thing is just ridiculous!

  2. Interesting that we both recently wrote about Jersey Shore Alumni. None of them are role models, let alone "Super Heroes." Ugh. I saw a repeat of a celebrity roast of Donald Trump in which the Situation was one of the roasters. While the regular comedians were foul-mouthed and sassy...they were funny. The "Sit" attempted the same and bombed miserably...to the point that the audience booed! I almost felt sorry for him...but then realized his careless attitude about life (and tanning) is starting to bite him in the butt. Let's hope the Jersey Shore folks start to fade away from our memory soon...

  3. Melissa - haha too funny! Yeah I get it that they bring in money but I just wish people were smarter about things...

    Al - I saw that! Interesting we both post about the JS folks... Snooki is quite a piece of work also. She was living about 6 blocks away from me for a few weeks while they were filming their last venture. Horrible TV out there these days... I just caught honey boo boo for the first time ever - what a train wreck!

  4. Al - I almost felt sorry for the "Sit" at the Trump Roast, he is most definitely not a comedian nor an actor! Someone else made a hilarious joke about the "impaired" and it seemed to be directed at the actress who is deaf (Marley Something?), and of course the punchline was that it was directed at Mr Situation.

    I guess I just wish that these kinds of people were not put up on a pedestal, whether they are promoting unsafe tanning, or teenage pregnancy, or being rich and doing nothing, and of course, children's beauty pageants.....sigh....