My life as a Guinea Pig - Round 1

I had heard rumors when you sign up for a clinical trial along with the part b saying they can do extra testing for the trial that they would take LOTS of blood!  Yep - the nurse shows up with about 20 vials!    My biggest fear heading to Sloan today was that they were going to have to take all that blood from a vein in my hand.  My poor left hand that's already all bruised still from last week's biopsy and scan.  Ok, ok... playing volleyball last night probably didn't help!

Luckily they were able to just use the elbow vein and drew blood without any issues and then used that IV for the drug infusion.  They did have to draw a little blood after the drug was done just to test the level of drug in my blood.  If you remember - this is a phase 1 drug trial which means they are trying to figure out how much drug they can give patients without it being toxic to them.

Blood draws done, IV in, Drug running!

It's always a long day at Sloan.  I got there around 9:30 am.  Was taken back for blood draws around 10:15.  Then while they wait for blood results (which by the way all look fine) I saw the doctor.  I know I stated this last time, but I'm still not liking this whole - see whatever doctor is available.  I like having a consistent doctor...  But oh well.  After a quick checkover by the doctors fellow it was back to sitting and waiting.  Typically it takes 1-2 hours for blood results and the pharmacy to mix the drugs.  Reminds me of my intern days at Waukesha Memorial.  Spent lots of time with the Medical Oncology and Pharmacy units on how to reduce patient wait times.  

So far no major side effects.  I don't really expect to see many.  They say that this drug has even fewer than the Ipi I finished end of November.  I am exhausted!  But that is probably because Dublin and Winnie had me up most of the night - including a walk at 3:30 am!  Sadly I wasn't the only dog owner out at that time.   Here's hoping tonight is better!

Speaking of which - it's time for this girl to get some rest.  Next treatment will be Feb 11th.  I am SO looking forward to a few weeks without getting poked with a needle!


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  1. Wow what a day Erin, lets hope you get some great sleeps in from now on for a while. No more being a pin cushion for a while! And you played volley ball last night? Amazing.
    Will be thinking of you and take really good care.

  2. Wanted to share the new's and ask you to share it as well.

    In memory of Tina Sullivan Pale Skin Is In. Tina's Place a retreat for stage 3 & 4 Melanoma Patients/family.