Awkward Moments

FYI - wrote this Monday but just finally posting now...

I had this conversation with a few fellow mole-mates about those awkward moments where someone makes a comment and you're not sure if you should a) lie and make something up or b) tell the truth and maybe make someone uncomfortable?  but allows you a teaching moment.

I guess I handle it both ways some days. Here's an example that made me think about this. You all saw my post about helping out at the gala to rebuild Hoboken. In all honesty unless someone knew me personally (or reads my blog) they would probably have no idea how sick I had actually been. And still fighting! Even though I feel pretty darn good these days (head cold aside...).

When arriving home Saturday night after the gala the concierge at my apartment building pointed out that I had lost a lot of weight. (Ok I'm still probably a good 20+ lbs from what I weighed in college... How did I let myself get so out of shape? Ok sorry I digress...)

Back to the point. His question was 'how did I do it?' I went with an a/b answer. I said I had to have surgery and liquid diet for a little while. I have also started making sure I eat better (was slow to introduce foods back in to my diet after the surgery) and working out. It's nice to be back to playing volleyball 2 nights a week and longer walks with the dogs and getting to the gym.

But I could have used the moment as a teaching moment. To point out it was because I had a baseball size tumor in my stomach and now just starting my 3rd different treatment! That in the past 2 years I've had approximately:

- approximately 50+  doctors appointments (and that doesn't include seeing multiple doctors on same days)
- 12+ scans
- 4 surgeries (I've lost a chunk of my back, lymph nodes under my right arm, 2 wedges of my left lung, and 8" of my small intestine!)
- number of mole biopsies
- blood transfusion
- 4 months of zelboraf pills and 4 infusions of Ipi
- lost 1/2 my hair (that's why I cut it short... ) by the way - it's all growing back and some days I get a lovely little mini Mohawk going on down the part in my hair. Sweet!!
- side effects of rashes from head to toe, nausea, upset stomach, etc

And the list could go on. You get the point. I have had more doctors appointments in the last 2+ years then I had in the previous 32.

So in honor of world cancer day - I share my story!

Who do you stand up for?

Ps - this is probably one of my longer blogs since I'm stuck on an airplane! And haven't gotten out to take any pictures!

Pps - head colds and flying are NOT fun!

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  1. God love ya Erin, you do indeed stand tall and proud for you and your mates.
    By the way dear girl, lovely pic, you look stunning.
    Many hugs