Blizzard 2013

We started out the weekend with yet another 'historic' storm!  Winter Storm Nemo hit the east coast this weekend.  Of course it hits when I am not feeling great and have guests coming to visit for the weekend!  But that's all ok.  Luckily my friend were able to get an earlier flight in from Minnesota.  They arrived early Friday morning.

The snow started Friday morning.  It then went to rain and then the snow started again in the afternoon.  For us folks from Minnesota it didn't seem like it was that bad of a storm.  Honestly I was totally hoping fora  HUGE snow storm!  Although now looking what other areas are digging out from I guess we're blessed it was only around a foot of snow.

But what it did allow us was to once again experience the city in a whole new light!  It was great to be in Times Square with barely anyone with the snow falling down!  Central Park was also beautiful with a foot of snow!

So here are a few pictures from the weekend adventure!  Tomorrow morning is round 2 of PD1!  It will be a long day...  can't believe 3 weeks have already gone by!

Mike, Sarah, Destry, Nate, and I in Times Square

Blizzard in Times Square

View from JC with World Trade Center in background


Horse Carriages outside Central Park

The crew in Central Park

Mosaic in Central Park - Strawberry Fields

Snowmen outside my apartment

The calm after the storm - Sunday Feb 10th

Empire State Building - Sat night
Love the new LED lights...

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  1. Absolutely amazing photos Erin!! I love them!
    I so hope you've come through round 2 still smiling. Brave girl, you're always smiling!