Molemates unite!

For drinks in the city :)  I'm a bit behind on posts.  Last Saturday night I had the chance to meet up with a few lovely ladies.  Julie (her blog) and Jenny!  As some of you may remember Julie just got married a month ago!  I was lucky enough to help celebrate!  And then after coming back from her honeymoon found out that that stupid black beast (melanoma...) had spread.  So she's put on her fighting gloves and started Zelboraf this week!  Here's hoping side effects are minimal.  We all might remember my run with the ZelboRASH!

Jenny was up in the city visiting from GA.  Little chilly for her! But lots of things to see and do!  She's stage 3 who had a local reoccurrence.  Just a reminder of why it's important to stay on top of scans and follow-ups.  You just never know what Melanoma is going to do!

But it was nice to share some drinks and stories!   and some good ole laughs!

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  1. Hurray for some fun. Hope the shadows chasing you all recede for a while and give you a break.