Not much to report

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately. Between work travel, awful no good rotten flu, treatment and visitors I've been too exhausted to update!
So not much to really report these days. Liver levels were taken again on Monday and just fine. I think my cold medicine and the pd1 didn't mix well together :)
Right now about the only side effects I've had is itchy skin again and some fatigue. But trying to rest when I can. My good friend Lisa was here over the weekend and we pretty much were bums all weekend. (Sorry Lisa for not doing anything too exciting...) I think it was much needed for both of us and nice to just spend some quality time together and catch up!
So lent started last week. And I didn't really pick anything to give up. Although I'd like to give up cancer for lent and for good! :). I'd like to believe the drug is working since my appetite has been great lately! And no pain anywhere!
Ok it's past my bedtime! But wanted to share what's been going on since I'm behind!
I took a couple of these pictures in the last few days...

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  1. Oh Erin your newsy updates mean so much and you're doing so well. That rotten flu is a bummer. Lots of rest too to keep your strength up. Good friends will love just hanging out.
    Doggie pic is adorable!
    Keep your chin up and take good care.

  2. Giving up cancer for Lent and beyond is a great idea! Love it!

  3. Rose - thanks so much! You're too kind! yes trying to get lots of rest when I can. Hope you're settling in to your new place! It looks great!

    Melissa - :) thanks... I thought it was a good idea lol!