PD1 Round 2 - My Life as a Lab Rat

Today was round 2 of anti-pd1 trial.  It went about the same as all other days at Sloan - sit and wait.  Got in around 9:30.  Was taken back to the treatment suite around 10:15.  Because this is a clinical trial they take about 16 vials of blood for research.  Sloan takes about 4 for standard blood tests.  Need to have all my levels checked before they can make my drug up in pharmacy.

Gloomy day in the NYC area
I talked about this some but I still don't know how I like the set up for the clinical trial.  The original oncologist I met with I still haven't seen again... and not sure when I will again?  The trial nurse R is awesome!  So at least I have her as some consistency.  The one I met with today was nice...  I guess I just miss having the same doctor to see each visit.  One that seems to have a more vested interested in me vs. just a lab rat coming in for treatment.  I know they all mean well.

Anyway, I spent a lot of extra time hanging out in the treatment suite today.  The PD1 infusion is only 30 minutes - but they can't mix it up before blood results are back.  This week my liver levels were elevated.  It happens sometimes on these drugs where they yo-yo back and forth.  It was still given the ok to get treatment but have to go back in on Monday for blood tests to see where things are.  Perhaps my cold isn't helping things out at all.
Blood draws for research...  and
drip time!
I got home around 4:30 and finally had my lunch.  Luckily I took food with me!  I've learned that lesson a long time ago!  I then took the dogs for a quick walk and it was time for a nap.

On a fun note - today we started getting tickets for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia!  While I know that Melanoma can leave questions on what the future holds - I refuse to have it make me stop living and planning my life!

Now time for bed.  Still having some sinus congestion.  yuck :(

Up in the clouds - One World Trade
Somewhere behind these seaguls is a NYC skyline...  somewhere... 

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  1. Oh Erin I do hope your cold clears soon, it just makes everything else so miserable. I wish there was a little more consistency with the medicos you see as this I believe creates a deeper feeling of security, trust and confidence.
    Tickets to the next winter Olympics - how exciting!!
    Thank you for giving me such a better understanding into your treatment and how things affect you. I feel very humbled that you share what you do. And I'm sure it will be of tremendous help to others as well.
    Hugs Erin