The Gala to Rebuild Hoboken

Last night I was able to help out at an event - The Gala to Rebuild Hoboken!

This was put on by the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund at the W Hoboken.  The group has been able to raise around $1 million dollars to help Hoboken residents and businesses.  Pretty amazing thing!

They had quite the list of folks to help out!  One of the big names of course being Buddy from Carlos Bakery.

The Cake Boss and his Wife

Hoboken Tribute Cake 
Some of the entertainment during the night was given by Eric Lewis - he does a Rock Jazz and was absolutely amazing and fun to watch.  You should totally check out his website and music if you're looking for some unique music.  

The Manzo brothers from The Real Housewives of New Jersey were also on hand to help with MC'ing and other announcements during the night.

These guys closed out the night!  Very interesting and fun mix of acoustic guitar and beat-box.  Their version of Call Me Maybe was awesome!  

Ok more pictures/details to follow later.  Right now I must REST.  Darn flu season...

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