#4 in the books

So for those of you who wonder how the trial days goes - its about like this:

8:30am - leave the apartment (maybe a stop or 2 along the waterfront for a picture...)

9:30am - arrive at sloan (its easy to get here - NJ Path to WTC and walk a block go the E which stops on the block of Sloan's outpatient facility (53rd and Lexington)
- when checked in they call back to the chemo suite to see if they are ready for me! And this time they are. Which means I can skip a little bit of time waiting...

9:35am - back in chemo suite! And ready to get about 12-16 vials of blood drawn. But first are vitals. My blood pressure is pretty stable (today's 120/84). They take my temp (which is typically low - 97.6). Weight today is 152 yikes- I've put on a few lbs!! Thank you Wisconsin food! Pulse is typically elevated (white coat syndrome?.. Lol). Today was 98 when checking in.

9:45am - off to doctors room to wait for check up with physician. This is the 2nd visit in a row I get the same team. Dr R's fellow comes in to talk thru any symptoms/issues I may have. Overall feeling pretty good. Only complaint has been an increase in migraines. They don't seem very concerned but better to be safe than sorry - they added a brain MRI for when I get my ct scan on April 12th. I also had let my derm D L know that my poor nails are getting ridges and splitting. It was nice to know he let the trial team know also!

10am - Back to the waiting room to wait... And wait.... And wait.... In between I pull up my blood work online and all looks good! Even my bilirubin is back to a normal range! So all good things.

12pm - still waiting. All this time sitting and waiting for a 30 minute drip!

1pm - FINALLY called back for the drip! They forgot one vial of blood so I had to get another one taken. No big deal.

1:15pm - finally all hooked up and ready to go. It's a good thing I bring along work and food!

So after all that finally time to run a quick errand on the city and head home. Seems to be lately that I get treatment and then take the dogs to the vet. Winnie seems to have hurt her leg while I was gone over the weekend. Vet gave her som anti inflammatory meds and said lets watch it for a few days. If it doesn't get better we will do some x-rays. Never a dull moment around here!

Ok time to do some laundry, catch up on some work, and play some volleyball tonight!


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  1. Wow what a day Erin! and you still had energy left over to go play volleyball???? WOW!
    (Your pics are always amazing.)