Day in the life of a clinical trial patient

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Round 3 of the Merck pd1 trial was today. Nothing too exciting. Just long days. I arrived around 9:30 this morning. They were ready for me to get blood draws back in the chemo suite. That involves about 15 or so vials being taken. 4 are to check blood levels and 11 go back to the drug company for testing and tracking. Wish I knew what they were looking at!! And what results were.
After blood draws it was back to waiting. About 11:30 I was brought back to see the doctor. I still don't know how I feel about the set up for this trial. At least this time I got a doctor for the 2nd time. I was seeing someone different every time. I hate that. I feel like it doesn't give the doctors a chance to get to know me! I miss Dr D and his crew! But as long as the drug is doing its thing - guess it doesn't matter right?!?
Blood work all looked good. Feeling pretty good. Appetite is back and great. No pain any where. Doc seems to think all good signs! Scans were scheduled for April 12th. With results the 15th when I'm back in for tx.
After the doctor visit it was back to the waiting room. I've become very good at waiting around. About 1 I was called back to the chemo suite. The drug was finally ready. It's only a 30 minute drip! So I was done and out of there around 1:30. Not too bad!
Still no real side effects. This seems to be the easiest one so far. I get itchy and some fatigue but so far so good!!
Next dose is march 25th!

And a few pictures from the past weekend...

Skyline on way into city.

Dublin enjoying a Sunday walk!

Saturday or Sunday Sunrise?

Dinner in the city with friends!

Wake up call Saturday am... Don't worry... No fire in the building! Just alarm going off at 5:30 am. Yuck!
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  1. That's wonderful Erin that your appetite is oK and you're seemingly pain-free and no awful side affects. I'm sad about this business of little consistency with what doctors you see though. It would be nice if a more meaningful relationship was there.
    Oh, you found the energy and time to leave us with some super photos!