Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend! We finally got some spring like weather on Saturday! It was so nice to get out and walk the pups (although still short walks because Winnie's leg is still sore).
This was the first weekend I've been home in awhile. Got some exciting cleaning and car repairs done! And then just tried to take it easy after a long couple of weeks.
Nothing to really report from treatment on Monday. Some itchy skin, some slight joint pain (or maybe that is from the volleyball or yoga?). Counting down the days until scans! I think this wait is easier than the wait while on Ipi (aka yervoy).

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  1. Had a lovely blessed Easter - thank you Erin. Gorgeous pics as always and how nice to hear that the weather was kind and you could get out and about.
    Mm, scan countdown...... thinking of you.

  2. Thanks Rose - glad to hear you had a nice Easter also!!