Milwaukee bound

This post is brought to you by southwest airlines wifi @ 40,000 ft! Some wherever between NYC and Milwaukee!

Yep, off this weekend to visit friends in Milwaukee. It's been almost a year since my last visit and oh what a year it's been. I remember last year starting to feel pretty run down and nauseous (from the met in my intestine I didn't officially know was there yet...). At that point I was already forcing myself to make sure I was eating enough. Since then I've had 4 months of zelboraf, 4 rounds of yervoy, surgery to remove part of my small intestine, and 3 rounds of anti-pd1. And I am finally starting to feel pretty good. But only a scan will truly let us know what's going on!

I am meeting up with friends for an annual pub crawl. I will be crawling but not much drinking. Have to keep an eye on the liver. But figured it was a good opportunity to see lots of friends at one time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay tuned for weekend pictures lol!


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