One last winter storm?

Beginning of Feb, the ground hog (Punxsutawney Phil) saw no shadow. This weekend marks about 6 weeks?!? Could it be he was right? And winter had to get one last storm in before the 50 degree weather hit?

Growing up in Minnesota we were never surprised or worried about snow. When I moved to North Carolina I understood why they freaked out about a few inches but I never understand why NYC area freaks out about a little snow! The forecast only called for 3-5 inches. But it was big news about a big storm!

I'm not complaining at all about the snow we got. It was the big heavy wet stuff. It's so beautiful when it's falling! Below are a few pictures of Friday morning walk with the dogs. My only complaint was the awful commute it provided :). And that on the way home I didn't have an opportunity to stop and take pictures of the wonderful sunset it provided. I keep thinking that eventually these will get boring but the honest answer is - I never get tired of it!

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  1. I don't ever get tired of any NYC photos or NJ, you want to throw this way!! These are gorgeous! There really is something magic about snow.
    Aw cute pooches.