Weekend in North Carolina

As the snow falls once again here in jersey I wonder why did I leave the south?!? This past weekend I went I Greensboro to catch up with some old friends. I couldn't believe how long it had been since I was last there! (Sorry miller folks and Raleigh folks for not getting to see you!). Just an excuse to come back down again!
It was so nice on Saturday! It was great to wear flip flops and grill outside! Although my allergies were going crazy! I stayed with my friend Jamie. We didn't so anything too wild and crazy! Just dinner with friends Friday night. Puppy class and cook out Saturday and then it was back to jersey!
Meet Boone! Gotta love puppies and their energy!

And his buddy Dillon

I'm sure Dublin and Winnie had fun at boarding but were a little jealous i was hanging out with so many other pups. Dublin decided to chew up his foot again at boarding! Ugh so frustrating. I am traveling next weekend to Milwaukee so we will try and different option!
Ok it's way past my bedtime! Just got home from volleyball! Yikes!
More tomorrow!
Ps - a few more snow shots!

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  1. Puppies, doggies, snow and news that you seem to be doing good Erin. Perfect post! :)