Why a clinical trial?

So I realized tonight that I have all sorts of blog posts I've started but haven't published yet...  I need to get on my game!  This week has been busy!

Anyway... it seems over the last few weeks this question has come up a lot - Why do a clinical trial?  I've gotten the opportunity to participate in some surveys and other activities around this.  The simple answer of why join a clinical trial - because we need a cure!  I've already gone thru the 2 newer drugs that were approved in 2011 (Yervoy and Zelboraf).  So the options after that are to go back to standard of care options (which are always an option - like IL-2, TIL treatment, other biochem, etc).  but with the new advancements why not try those first before the more harsh standard of care options?

I was lucky enough to be able to get in to a clinical trial.  There was great things coming out about the anti-PD1 from the ASCO meetings last year (you might remember some of the articles I shared).   I hear also there are lots of other clinical trials out there...  and will start researching them more.  I like to know what's available so that we have plans b, c, d etc out there.  Only downside is that with the number of treatments I've done - eventually I won't be elgible for a clinical trial.  We just never know!

So stay tuned for more information on this topic!  We are getting close to scan time to see if this drug is working!  Dose #4 on Monday!  I feel pretty good (as I've mentioned before) so hopefully that's a good sign it's working!  My doctor seems to be pleased...

Off to Milwaukee this weekend!  It's been almost a year since my last visit.  Looking forward to catching up with friends.

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  1. clever photo Erin, its beautiful.
    Do keep us updated and lots of prayers and positive thinking for your next scan.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your friends!

  2. Thank you so much, Erin, for sharing your story with our group on 3/21. You are an inspiration.

  3. Rose - thanks so much! Hope you're doing well!

  4. Anonymous - thanks for the note. I was honored to be able to share my story.