Beautiful weekend in the city

We had one of the nicest weekends so far this spring.  I had to run in to the city Saturday morning for an appointment so I took a little time to get a few pictures!  It was also great this weekend to open up the windows and let some fresh air in!   Maybe spring is about here to stay?  Actually I'm sure it's going to cool of a bit the next few days (along with a little rain) but that's ok.  I'm not complaining! 

Winnie gets her 2 week check up on Tuesday.  She seems to be doing well - although today she threw up.  Poor gal.  But she's walking fairly well considering 2 weeks ago she just had knee surgery. 

I'm still feeling pretty good.  Noticing a little more joint pain this time around and still some fatigue.  Seem to do well most of the day and then really need a nap mid afternoon :)  Ok maybe, that is just because the dogs had me up early each day this weekend?  who knows...

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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