Defying Melanoma

I always hate learning that a fellow warrior has lost their battle...  Dawn from the blog Defying Melanoma was a 39 year old mother of 2.  She reached out to me in June/July after she found my blog. We had similar treatment plans.  She was just starting Zelboraf and wanted to know what to expect.  We exchanged email messages since then about how we were doing on Z and Ipi (she had a few more issues than I did).  Exploratory surgery showed they couldn't remove things surgically and so systematic treatments it was.  When Ipi/Z weren't doing the trick one of her last message was that she was trying Chemo round.  I remember her note stating that her doctor suggested going with Chemo first and saving anti-PD1 in case that didn't work.  Sounds like she never got the chance to try PD1...

I started to worry last week when I hadn't heard from her in awhile.  She emailed me back almost immediately letting me know the news wasn't good.  There was nothing else they could do and she was home in hospice care.

Protect the skin you're in folks!  and keep her husband and children in your thoughts and prayers...

If you would like to honor Dawn - her family is requesting the following: On Sunday, at sunset, please join us in releasing purple and blue balloons in Dawn’s memory.  Feel free to do this wherever you are, or you can join us at a location to be determined.

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