FDA giving merck's anti-pd1 'breakthrough therapy' designation

Merck Announces Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Lambrolizumab an Investigational Antibody Therapy for Advanced Melanoma!

You can read the link below for more details. I am in merck's pd1 trial at Sloan right now. It is showing great results for several other cancers also. Thought was it wouldn't get approval for a few more years ... But looks like things may move a little faster?  Bristol Myers also has a version of pd1 in clinincal trials right now. 

Merck's Website
nasdaq article
WSJ Article

I get scanned again May 14th to see how it's working for me. Last scans continued to show shrinkage.

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  1. I just found this sight where others who are on the merck trial want to talk to each other. Perhaps you might like to join them. At:http://www.melanoma.org/community/mpip-melanoma-patients-information-page/any-merck-anti-pd-1-results
    I pray this is an amazing drug...