Roosevelt Island and Central Park

Ok so we all know its scan week! Well maybe not everyone? I think last week was the worst for me as far as scanxiety goes! I was feeling run down and flu like. I rarely ever have a temp over 98.6 and my poor face was getting red and flushed and I had horrible chills. My body was for sure fighting something!!! Or just side effects? They did start to hit a few days after my last treatment.
I of course always want to push it too far and decided to sign up for a personal trainer at work (more on that later). I woke up in the middle of the night reminded of muscles I forgot existed! Ouch!!!
Luckily to help keep my mind off of things, I had my good friends Mike and Mitch visit!! While Friday I left them on their own to venture in to the city ( this gal needed rest!!) we did have some time Saturday and Sunday to explore a few areas!
Saturday we started by stopping by St. Paul's chapel and then headed uptown to catch the tram across the east river to walk Roosevelt Island. It had been on my list of places to visit.
A few pictures shown below! Enjoy!

Tram and Queensboro bridge

Sunny day - so had sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat along!

Stopping for a minute to enjoy the city skyline

Candles at St. Paul's chapel

Hmm... Interesting

East river

Over to queens side

Cool sculpture on park avenue ? Or was it Madison? Can't remember

Feeding time in Central Park!

Everyone loves a parade! Greek Independence parade

Gloomy day in Central Park...

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  1. Amazing photos Erin, just gorgeous! It's the best city in the world (I'm sure) so pleased you had a lovely time with your friends and good to hear you grabbed some rest!
    Can't remember which 'day' you have your scan....
    Thinking of you.