Safe from the Sun Walk

Melanoma International Foundation is one of the patient advocacy forums I follow.  It's a place to share information and help other patients out.  I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine Poole who runs the group a mont or so ago.  It always nice to meet the folks that are out there helping others!  She also informed me that I was picked for a courage award at their annual Safe from the Sun walk coming up April 21st.  If anyone is near the Philly area and wants to join let me know!  There will be a few of us heading down there!

Below is a list of the other folks that will be honored at the walk.  Protect the skin you're in folks!

 Safe from the Sun 2013 Awards
 Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD: Doctor of the Year
Whether in the research lab or consulting with patients, Dr. Ribas is a brilliant and compassionate doctor the melanoma world is most fortunate to have.

T.J. Sharpe: Patient Advocacy AwardT.J. Sharpe, through his terrific blog reaching countless people has put a "face" to melanoma. Despite his rollercoaster ride with stage IV melanoma, J.T. has chronicled his journey to bring awareness and hope to others about melanoma.

Roger Caffey: Volunteer Award  For many years Roger has tirelessly given his time and energy to MIF. No job is too big or too small for Roger; he's always giving us a helping hand at Safe from the Sun!

Jeff Blazey: Caregiver Award   Despite the tragic loss of his wife, Rachel, Jeff has continued to help our forum community in searching out solutions to their disease as well as keeping their spirits high. Jeff remains a thoughtful caregiver to our forum patients and caregivers with insightful positive posts.

Jennifer Bellanger : Courage AwardJenn was pregnant when diagnosed with melanoma. This was a very stressful time yet her attitude remains uplifting to others. She maintains a close connection helping other melanoma patients during their time of need.

Marcia D'Umbra: Courage Award
Marcia, a lovely wife, daughter and mom of three kids, had the TIL treatment in Israel, with good response last year. She and her family are traveling all the way from Brazil to join us at Safe from the Sun.  They look forward to sharing the camaraderie in person that helped support them during their tenuous journey with melanoma.

Erin Youngerberg: Courage Award  For Erin, fighting a stage IV diagnosis has hardly slowed her down. She made sure she didn't miss the Olympics this summer in London! Erin also represents melanoma patients at various meetings. She keeps an uplifting blog at:

Richard Kaminski: Courage AwardDick has had a tough row to hoe as many stage IV melanoma patients, but he remains a positive force. He may hold the title (3 years) for of the longest remission on a new targeted therapy drug. Dick is very active in the melanoma community as well, representing melanoma patients and advocating for their needs.

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