Unexpected phone calls

Well had dose #5 on Monday.  Seems that as far as side effects go the biggest thing I get is fatigue.  It was pretty bad a few days (or maybe it was just the training I went thru at work?).  I also tend to start to feel a bit flu like - although again, that could maybe just be that the trees are starting to bloom!  But all in all, not bad.  I do tend to get a bit red and itchy but nothing rash like that I got on Zelboraf!

Back to the subject of this post - unexpected phone calls.  I always get SO nervous when I see Sloan's number show up on my phone.  But this time, it was nice to hear a familiar voice.  And I appreciated the follow-up on my latest scans from Dr D.  I know I complain a bit about how my trial is running.  I don't really like the revolving door of doctors I get - although luckily it seems that they are trying to keep me with the same doctor.  And while I don't feel any real connection yet with my doctor - I'm going to keep working on it!  I think that it's important for my doctors to want to fight for me as much as I fight for myself!  I don't want to be just a number in their trial!

Oh and not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I will have scans again on May 14th.  As part of the trial protocol if there is shrinkage (or growth), they rescan in 4 weeks to confirm how the drug is working.  Sometimes I think I could have a part time job just going to doctor appointments!

Time to get some rest!  It's been a long week!

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  1. What a week its been for you Erin, get lots of rest and may that perky energy of yours return quickly. The things you said about relationships with your Doctors and not feeling like a number really touched me. Keep smiling dear girl.