Another FDA Approval

Yesterday there was some big news coming again to the Melanoma community.  2 drugs (a braf and MEK inhibitor) were approved. 

From the article from CNBC:

"After decades with virtually no progress in the fight against advanced melanoma and little to offer patients facing a virtual death sentence, Tafinlar and Mekinist mark the third and fourth new drugs approved by the FDA for metastatic melanoma in the past two years"

With ASCO meeting coming up starting tomorrow (I head there tomorrow afternoon), I was wondering if some news would come.  You can read more about these treatments.  Tafinlar is like the Zelboraf I took last year.  Mekinist is a MEK inhibitor and I wasn't able to try it given it was still only in trials.  But basically these two combo drugs average about 11 months before disease progression (on average).  In comparison, Zelboraf which I took last may, lasts about 4 months before progression.  I was right on that average! 

I think at ASCO the big news will be around the anti-pd1 drug I'm taking now and it in combo with Yervoy (which I took previously).  So stay tuned!  Should be an interesting weekend! 

And as temps get in to the 90's here in Jersey, it's a good reminder to wear your sunscreen!  and practice sun safety! 


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