Anti-pd1 #6 in the books!

Another day of being a lab rat. Was like most others. Check in at 9:30 and right back for blood work. Best part was only 6 tubes of blood! Felt strange not to see a whole tray!

Then it was out to the waiting room... To (you guessed it) wait and wait... I think I saw the doctors around 11? Typical visit. Quick and easy. Maybe one of these days I should actually bring in my list of questions. :). But in all honesty... After several years of doctors visits and almost a full year on some sort of drug - I am tired of asking questions (ok not really... It's part of the reason I stay active with patient advocate groups...) but right now - as long as the drug is working that's all that matters!
Blood work was all in normal range! Perfect levels for everything. Although I keep asking them to check my thyroid and no such luck yet! But everything was all good. I always get nervous about my liver levels.

I finally got back for my 30 minute drip around 1? Always makes for a long day.
To make it even more interesting it was also melanoma Monday! I think I mentioned some about the battle between colors... So I wore both! Awareness is awareness and even though folks were wearing orange they were still talking about melanoma!

Anyway - still feeling a bit of fatigue from the treatment. Ok Dublin waking me up several times during the night doesn't help! And starting to notice a little more joint pain. But NOTHING like zelboraf.

So it's way past my bedtime but wanted to at least get an update out for folks! Stay tuned for more later! :)

A bit gloomy start to the day Monday but makes for great pictures!

My sister and niece wearing black for melanoma Monday!

One World Trade Center placed the spire on top recently making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere

Wearing my shirt and orange!

Dublin hates when I put things on him! This was right before our trip to the vet! His elbow is all infected... Never a dull moment with these pups!! At least his foot is finally healed...
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  1. Loved all the photos Erin, poor old Dublin he's in the wars again. And he looked everso handsome in his scarf.
    A big day for you it must be so exhausting. Lets pray the side effects just stay at some joint pain and fatigue, you've already endured so very much.
    Thank you for the update dear girl, and take really good care and gets lots of rest.

  2. Thanks Rose... it's never a dull moment with the pups! Hope you're doing well and have a fabulous weekend downunder! :)