Happy Memorial Day

Started with Friday as don't fry day and memorial day Monday with dose #7 of anti-pd1!

I'll share more details about that later. Monday was pretty much a non-event. I'd like to tell you things moved faster with it being a holiday and not many patients in... But not really! I saw the Dr that signed me up on the trial. He looked at me and said 'I think we've met before... Right?' Um... Yeah! You signed me up and your name is listed as my main doctor! But thanks for checking in to that :)

So still frustrated with the 'team' approach. At least they are trying to keep me seeing one doctor. My biggest fear is that there isn't one doctor accountable for my care. What if something gets missed? I like to know there is a doctor worried about my case and not that I'm just a # in their trial...

Guess it gives me something to work on with the team! I am signed up for several years on this trial :)

Well it's late and I'm exhausted. It's only 3 days in the office this week since Friday I leave for Chicago! Attending the American society of clinical oncology conference. Will share more about that later!

But here are a few pictures from the weekend. It started out rainy? Then sunny but really windy! And finally Monday was beautiful! Except I spent most of the day at Sloan...

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  1. Photos are totally amazing Erin! Mm, it really is so frustrating over the lack of team approach and your concerns are completely understandable. It will be interesting to hear your feedback on the conference.
    Stay rested, stay happy