Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! My fabulous mother Mary and to my sister on her first Mother's Day!

These weekends always go by too fast! And I never seem to quite get thru my entire to do list :). But that's ok! I'm sure there will always be something to get done!

This weekend I did my normal Friday nite dinner with the guys. Saturday was up early as usual! Dogs have no concept of weekend :). Routine is routine... But I don't mind. At least I always have the option of going back to bed or napping! Lol.
Saturday my poor arm muscles were so sore! Reminder that I haven't really worked them in ages! My trainer Thursday did lots of arm work and yoga Friday I was feeling it!! Maybe that's what I get also for having a week off!

Still feel pretty good! Had a late Sunday night game... Feeling some joint pain from the anti-pd1... But again, nothing like the joint pain from good ole zelboraf!

Going to be a busy week! Lots going on at work. Tuesday morning I'll get my crowns replaced ( have had temps on the last 2 weeks) and in the afternoon I'll have my scans! Yikes! Wednesday am I also got a derm appointment scheduled. Haven't been in to see him since January and starting the pd1.

So time for rest! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Final piece went up on Friday to make one World Trade Center the tallest building!

Love night walks like these when the sun setting puts a red glow on the city

One of the pups new dog beds! I think they both could fit in it!! They love it!

Saturday brought some rain! Crazy storm came thru! It only lasted about 15 minutes but I thought the windows were going to crash in!

Sunday brought blue skies and sunshine but cooler temps. Not complaining at all - great weather to open the windows and for sleeping!

Sun sets on the weekend! The view out my window...

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  1. Had a lovely Mothers Day over this side of the globe!
    GORGEOUS photos!!!!
    And wonderful to hear you're holding up OK if with the sore arm muscles. So pleased to hear the joint pain is limited.
    I think your puppies deserve such a royal doggie bed!
    Stay smiling