Scan results from May 14th

So... Sorry for the delay! This week has been exhausting! I got a call yesterday afternoon from my trial nurse saying the results of the scan were good. Continued shrinkage, nothing new, and the lung spot that showed up last month was gone. I asked her to email me the official results. You can see the summary listed below. I called her today frustrated. (She thinks I was over reacting... And didn't think it was appropriate to have the conversation on the phone).
My frustration came from the summary that states something seen on my lower back. Now for those that know me... I've had back issues for years! We can blame the christmas sledding accident of '94 and playing Rec soccer... But I'll save those stories for another post!
The nurse assured me that the doctor thinks the L5 impression is nothing at all to worry about. I'm sure she's right... I was just frustrated that she didn't tell me about it. Luckily I always ask for copies of my scans! :). I mean it's not like I don't over do it! Lol. I did work out with my trainer Thursday, yoga Friday, took Saturday off and then volleyball Sunday and Monday with scans Tuesday! Lol!
So stay tuned. I miss my old ways of working with Dr D. He understood that if I wasn't going to see him for a few weeks I wanted my scan results over the phone. And was patient in answering my questions.
I continue to be a frustrated trial patient... Who's my doctor? They say talk with the nurse 'she'll be the constant' but then she tells me she can't answer my questions and I need to talk to a doctor. Ok which one?!?
Anyway... Ill call their office again tomorrow and find out what they think and we will do from a scan stand point! But at least overall still good news! It's been a long year!
I'll leave you with a few pictures from the last few days in to the city! I'll write more this weekend once I catch up on some sleep!

1. Since April 12, February 20, 2013: New subtle loss of cortical
definition along the posteroinferior corner of the L5 vertebral body,
suspicious for a metastasis, or possibly degenerative changes/microtrauma.
If further evaluation is clinically warranted, an MRI would be recommended.
2. Previously noted right middle lobe nodule is no longer seen.
3. Slightly decreased mesenteric adenopathy.
4. No evidence of local recurrence at the small bowel anastomosis.
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  1. Continued shrinkage is great of course and even better about no evidence of the lung spot, but I agree totally with you that you should have a clearer understanding of the lower back spot. I sure don't like the wording in No. 1 without further explanation.
    I too so wished you had someone constant. Do they not understand that your confidence and your feelings are just as important. I fully understand that you receive terrific treatment but it seems it could be better organised.
    Get your rest, and let us know more if you can.
    Thinking of you and as always, love your pics.