The small things

Sometimes after a long day it's nice to be reminded of the small things and be thankful for what we have.

Living in any major urban area it's very common to see folks begging for money. Their reasons? Hard to know - financial troubles, health issues, substance abuse issues, etc. but I always keep money in my car to give the ones that beg. In my mind even if they are using it to buy booze... I can live without the dollar.

Over the winter there was one guy I saw almost every day. And almost every time I saw him I gave him a dollar. After several times he got used to my car and started thanking me. In my mind it was only a dollar... Such a small amount no need to thank me. In the early spring he was handing out fliers advertising handy man work. I thought the effort was great. Couldn't speak of his skills... And I have a maintenance team at my apartment so no need to hire anyone.

I went a few months without seeing him. Every now and then I would wonder if things turned out ok... Or maybe found a better corner to beg for money? But my life is hectic and busy and no time to really worry about others.

When driving home he was on the corner. But today he had a different sign - saying he was no longer homeless but trying to still get ahead. I rolled down my window to give a dollar and of course he remembered me. Asked how I was doing and happy to report he was now in a 3/4 home (not really sure what that is) and showed me with a big grin a ring on his finger. Saying he had been with his girlfriend 9 years and wanted to marry her. So he was out begging for money, embarrassing himself, so be could get the money for the marriage certificate.

He thanked me again and the light turned green and I drove away.

You are probably all wondering what's the point? Well it's this - I have no idea if the mans story is true. But it's a reminder to be thankful for what we have. It's easy to get caught up in the negative - yes I have cancer. But I am very fortunate. I have great family and friends to support me. I have an excellent job and fantastic health benefits (and access to great doctors).   I don't have to beg on a corner to earn $35 extra dollars to cover a marriage license.

Remember to stop and enjoy the small things!

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  1. Erin what a beautiful story to illustrate the blessings we should all count in our lives.
    I will remember to stop and enjoy the small things today.