#8 in the books

Another long day at Sloan to get dose #8 of Merck's anti-pd1! I arrived around 9:30am and hung out in the waiting area for a bit. Then it was back to get blood drawn and vitals. As you can see from the picture below - my skin does not like the tape on it for hours. The red mark is still there 8 hours after they took the iv out.

Anyway, now that I've been in the trial for awhile they only take 5-6 vials of blood instead of the 15+ they took the first few times. Vitals were all fine. Blood pressure stays around 120/80. No temp and pulse a little elevated around 95 today. But part of that could just be the whole 'white coat' syndrome!

After blood draws its back to the waiting room... I get called back to see the doctor. It's a new nurse this time. They take my info and ask the typical list of questions - has my medicine changed? Do I have any of the following problems - headaches, rashes, fevers, etc. no major issues. Always some odd things that pop up but nothing alarming! Then I sit and wait... And wait... And wait... A whole hour + for the doctor to come in. I am sure with seeing a different doctor every time they have to review my info before coming in to see me. :/ I thought they forgot about me...

So around noon I am finally back out in the waiting room. All my blood work is in the normal ranges! Honestly, if there weren't scans to show tumors you'd never know I had cancer :)

A few weeks back I requested to see one of the melanoma doctors that is on the immunotherapy team. I was told to call the office since there were some changes coming. I had kind of forgotten about it. Until today. After the nurse left she came back in. She told me since they were expanding the trial and adding more patients, starting in July I was going back to my oncologist I had from the beginning. Yay! Finally back to a consistent team. Although Dr R was starting to grow on me. But I haven't seen him in weeks...

I finally got my infusion around 1:30pm. Funny how we sit there all day for a 30 minute drip. Then it was back home to relax, take Dublin to the vet for a check up and relax :). Yes I put relax in there twice! Feeling a bit run down from the long day! But it was a beautiful night for a walk! And now time for bed!

Happy Monday!

I decided to eat my lunch on the boardwalk by the path station... Until the rain decided to come in!

Think safety! Not sure who left their hat behind in the park!

After hurricane sandy there was lots of debris that ended up in the shore of the Morris canal park area where I walk the dogs. Wonder where this came from?

After a brief rain storm - a beautiful sunset!

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