Acupuncture Time

This weekend was one for relaxation and catching up.  Although it ended up being more relaxing then being productive but I think it was LONG overdue!  Saturday I was up early - because it's hard to sleep in with the pups (and I just have problems sleeping in).  I had an 11:20 am appointment at Sloan's Integrative Medicine Center for acupuncture.  Below you can see a lovely picture of some needles stuck in my head (please don't make fun of it!  lol!)!  I always get asked if it hurts - well... it is getting needles stuck in you!  It hurts a little!  The worst is the ones they stick in the ears.  Actually this time I realized afterwards that one of the ear ones bleed.  No fun!

When asked what I wanted to concentrate on for this appointment - I said 'can you do something about all this stress and tension in my shoulders/neck?'.  The answer of course was YES!  Which is why I got the extra needles stuck in my neck!  Then you just chill for awhile and relax.

After my appointment I debated whether I should utilize my zoo pass for a quick trip thru central park zoo, but decided lunch and heading home to relax was needed instead.  You'll see a few pictures below from around City Hall Park near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tomorrow is treatment #8!  I got a late Friday evening call (always makes me nervous when I see Sloan's # pop up on my phone around 7pm on a Friday night).  They called to let me know that they were changing what doctor I was seeing on Monday.  So continues my revolving door of doctors :/  I know they are all great, but it frustrates me.  I have lots of questions to ask about the trial but not sure who's the right doctor to ask?

So stay tuned!  Busy week ahead again.  Monday treatment, Tuesday-Thursday busy schedule at work but then off to the fabulous state of Colorado for a long weekend of rafting, hiking, horseback riding, etc!  It's been in the works for awhile now!

Have a great week!

From where I sit - my red Toms have been replaced by bright yellow Keens!

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  1. Lovely to hear you're off for a long weekend of fun and catchups, praying the next round goes well for you and may that stress be-gone so you can relax and enjoy yourself Erin. You deserve it! I've been catching up on your previous posts as well. Stay happy and busy!