Touring around Cañon City

Hello folks! Another update from the good ole state of Colorado! (Ok... disclaimer... actually on the plane ok the way home!). So the plan Sunday was to do a day of white water rafting. Since I had been feeling a bit run down and sore I thought maybe a day on the river wasn't the best idea. Although I totally missed not going :/.

Instead Jake and I spent the day tooling around while the other guys hit the water! We first checked out the royal gorge railroad. Figured if we weren't rafting the river we could at least check it out!

You can see some morning rafters on the gorge.

Here is the royal gorge bridge behind / above us. Due to the fires that have been hitting Colorado the royal gorge park is closed until at least the fall. Bit of a bummer because I figured if I didn't raft I wanted to check out the bridge since I've only ever traveled under it. Did you know it's the worlds tallest suspension bridge?

Here we are again on the open car of the train. Best part is it wasn't crowded at all AND I had a shady spot to stand while out there!

For lunch we explored historic downtown. Which was pretty darn empty! After lunch we walked over to the historic museum but it's closed on Sundays :/. Then we stopped for some ice cream!

A few more pics from the train

We still had some time to kill so we hit the prison museum.

Locked up!

A mural downtown

Sunday night you could see haze again from the fires. The winds picked up and the sky was red. The iPhone pics just don't do it justice!

Monday morning we got up and ready to head back to Denver. We stopped at the patio pancake place for some breakfast! They had some fun / semi-appropriate books for our group!

The table win we was 'how to stay humble even when you are smarter than everyone else!'

Heading out of salida one last chance to see some wildlife!

Then it was back to Denver to drop off Chris and for the rest of is to find out all our flights were delayed...

Have a great week everyone!

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