6 months of anti-pd1

Thursday was round 9 of Merck's anti-pd1!  Can you believe it's been 6 months of this already?

My appointments have been on Mondays but the last time I was in for my treatment they informed me that with expanding the trial, they needed to send some of the patients back to their old doctors!  I was actually pretty excited about this, because it meant I could go back to the team I used to work with and have some consistency in my care.  The doctors in the ITC are great - but so busy (ok all the doctors around Sloan are extremely busy...).  There were still some challenges to get back with my old doctor (because of the day he see's patients) but luckily he has an awesome admin who is a fabulous patient advocate!!  I'm so thankful to have them on my side!

It was like most days at Sloan.  LONG!  I had blood work around 11:15.   They got me in pretty quick for that.  I still go to the 4th floor (where the Immunotheraphy Clinic is).  Once they were done with blood work, I'm sent up to the 5th floor.  There I have to get my vitals so it triggers the 5th floor that I'm there.  Of course I already had an IV in so I can't get blood pressure done on the left arm.  I have arm restrictions due to the removal of lymph nodes.  BUT no other choice, had to get it done on the right arm.  I will say this, I'm glad that the nurses on the 4th floor were sticking me with an IV and drawing blood.  The 5th floor folks that take vitals/blood aren't always the friendliest.  BUT I only had to get blood pressure and my weight taken while there.

After that it was back to the waiting area to sit... and wait... and wait...  I finally got in to see Dr D around 2pm?  I think I was originally set up to see him around 11:45.  The last time I saw Dr D I wasn't feeling so great.  That was probably my worst time and the worst scans I've had (minus the ones with the met in my intestine).  But I was having stomach pains and not eating much.  Luckily now it' a much different story!

Around 2:20pm I got back out in to the waiting room.  And continued to wait and wait...  the rumor going around was that the pharmacy was running at least an hour behind.  They can't get the trigger to mix your drug until after you have blood work, vitals, and met with your doctor.  Luckily I had a very interesting man who chatted my ear off while I waited.  His wife has been a patient at Sloan since 1966!  He told me about how his wife was from Italy, stories of him being in the military in Vietnam, this baby pigeon he raised...  interesting!

It was around 4:30 or so by the time I got called back in to the Chemotherapy suite.  All that time waiting for a 30 minute trip.  Luckily I was all set and ready to go!  Had the IV in since 11:20am.

So it was a long day but no major issues.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Still hot, humid, and rainy here in the Northeast!


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