The 4th of July

Ok Peeps - I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July!  I am sorry to have been so MIA recently.  I realized I haven't done many updates lately!  Here are my excuses: 

1. Work has been crazy/busy/exhausting!
2. I've had visitors (surprise, surprise!)  Hotel Youngerberg is always open for business! lol

I had one of my long time travel partners in crime Marie and her husband Max visiting from Sunday - Friday!  It was so nice to see them and check out some new things in the city that I haven't seen yet!  And this is becoming a challenging task since I get lots of visitors in the city!  

After picking them up Sunday we stopped by the 9/11 Tear Drop Monument in Bayonne.  I had heard about it but hadn't seen it.  You can see a picture below!

Sunday night was also the closing party for Pridefest in NYC.  The bonus for us here on the Jersey side is that means fireworks and a great view from Exchange place.  It was a cloudy day and I always love seeing the Empire State Building in the rainbow colors.  Luckily the clouds cleared every so briefly so we could see it!  and the fireworks were good.   

Tear Drop Memorial:

On Monday I had to head in to work (see excuse #1for being a bit MIA recently).  So Max and Marie were on their own.  Tuesday - Thursday I was off.  So Tuesday we had lunch reservations at good ole Serendipity in the city.  Who doesn't love a little lunch and frozen desert treats!  (PS - pretty sure I probably gained about 10 lbs this last week with all the junk food!  it was delicious!)

Yum Yum!

After a big lunch since it was HOT and HUMID (FYI this trend still continues) we headed over to Times Square to check out the exhibits of The Art of the Brick and Body Works at Discovery Times Square.  I really wish I could have taken pictures in the lego exhibit!  Pretty cool to see what Nathan Sawaya comes up with using legos!  Although it was pretty darn hard not to touch the legos!  hehe!  

This guy was sitting outside the beginning of the exhibit and the only one we could take a picture of...  

After the museum we make a quick stop in the Flat Iron District.  I am always in awe of this building!  

OK.... I know this is getting to be a LONG one!  Wednesday brought a day for scans!  Yikes!  still waiting on results.  Hoping to hear something on Monday.  

Protect the skin you're in! 
It was an interesting day for scans.  Of course they were running behind.  I was supposed to have my scans around 2:20.  Was taken back to get my IV in around 3:30 or so.  Then the radiologist totally put me in a panic mode!  I've noticed the last few scans that after they do the initial set up there is a huge pause and waiting time.  I figured maybe it was just because the nurses were busy and I was waiting for them to come in and hook up the IV contrast.  After sitting there for awhile (freezing because they didn't get me a blanket) the tech comes on and says 'sorry for the delay - we have to do a special protocol for you!".  WHAT?  She must have seen the panic on my face and came in to explain it was due to the clinical trial.  After they do their initial normal scans, there are special scans that get set to the research lab.  man...  they should be careful with wording!  

After scans I met up with my high school friend Jen and her family that came up from DC to check ou NYC for the 4th!  It was great to see her and the family!  

Thursday (I promise, this post is almost done!) we decided to check out the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest! held at Coney Island.  It was pretty interesting although I'm glad that we were close enough to see, but not close enough to actually see!  lol!  I don't think I'd want to have a front row viewing of watching them shove down those hot dogs!  I ate one :)  It was so HOT and HUMID!  Luckily I brought along my umbrella which helped keep the sun off us!

After spending lots of time out in the heat, we headed home.  Had some more food and a nap!  Then it was off to Hoboken for the Macy's 4th of July Spectacular Fireworks!  My friend Su was kind enough to host folks over at her place and bonus - we watched from the comfort of air conditioning!  

OK that pretty much sums up the last week!  I know it's a lot.  Now you get why I've been MIA?  :)  

Hope everyone is safe and enjoyed their 4th!  Stay tuned for results - hopefully tomorrow.  I am set to get treatment #9 on Thursday.  Can you believe it's been 6 months of the clinical trial already??


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  1. Glad you had a great 4th Erin!! It bother's me how the Techs can be so "rude" to a patient fighting cancer especially in a world wide well known facility like Slone Kettering!! Do they honestly not know that how they say something to a patient may frighten them unnessarily? Especially now when your tension may be upcoming waiting for Scan results. All the best to you Erin!! And I look forward always to your blog posts!!! Laurie in Montgomery MN