Weekend Update

'Our worst fears lie in anticipation...' This was a line from an episode of Mad Men.  The scene is when Don's in the hospital waiting room and talking to another man that is waiting for his child to be born.  The other man hears there may be some complications with his wife and starts to fear the worst.

I think that line sums up 'scanxiety' and the whole cancer world!  Our mind is our worst enemy as we imagine the worst while we wait for tests, results, etc.

Can't report a whole lot from the last weekend.  It was pretty low key.  Spent some time with the pups and relaxing.  Just trying to catch up on sleep (which seems to be hard to do lately!).

Anyway, just thought I'd check in with folks and let you know all is going well!  Treatment #10 is right around the corner!  Next week: 8/1!  By the way... can you believe it's already going to be August next week?  Where has the summer gone?!?

A few pictures from this past week/weekend.  Love this time of the year - there always seems to be some great sunsets!


My fitbit seems to have missed me one day!  I forgot to wear it one day and these were some of the messages it had for me!  I suppose it's good motivation to get up and walking!

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