Homeward bound!

I had a long overdue trip home to Minnesota last weekend.  Left Friday and back Monday.  It was probably too short but action packed!  The main reason was for a memorial for my Uncle John.  Not a great occasion to be home, but still nice to see family!  We also did a baptism for my niece Gabby!  That's right folks - don't mess with the God Mother :)  lol!  She was so well behaved!

You can check out some pictures from the trip home!

My sister, niece, and myself!

Gabby would LOVE to pull great grams earrings!

Attack of the bulldogs! They really want my breakfast! I'd like to think they are just excited to see me!

Cousins unite!

Hey... You're my size!  Why do they keep holding us like this?

Gabbys baptism!

Old St Wenc

Must be in the Midwest! Custard and cheese curds!

Does this flower make my head look big?

Family gathering after funeral for uncle John.

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