Round 11 as a lab rat!

So of course it's a crummy day in the city! It always seems to rain when I'm in for treatment days!
My appointment is for 10 but I show up around 9:30 for blood work. My awesome medical team (you know who you are!!) has been kind enough to help me out with only getting stuck once! Of course there is a little confusion from the check-in girl about the lab not drawings blood... But it gets all squared away!

I feel like a bit of an a$$ when I don't recognize my research nurse (I had only met her once)! But I was just amazed they got me back to labs so quickly! And wasn't sure where they were going to stick me (meaning which room...)! But totally appreciate only getting stuck once! Even if I have to have that darn iv in for hours!

Seems a bit quiet around the floor. I always think that maybe this will speed up the process... But that usually isn't the case!  In looking around the waiting room there are several 'newbies'. Folks filling out paperwork... Not realizing the first time they call you back is just for vitals.  Hard to believe I am coming up to almost 3 years of dealing with Melanoma!

I head back in to see the nurse (again) and doctor.  Nothing major to report.  Seem to have caught a bit of a cold but feeling much better today vs. yesterday!  Sore throat is no fun!  Get to meet with a new doctor today (mine is taking a much needed vacation!).  I appreciate the docs that want to discuss the news that's out there and treatments.  Great to see the responses people are getting from the anti-pd1 drugs.  Just sad it's still in trials.  I know so many patients that would LOVE to be able to try the drug!

After a few more vials of blood taken it's out to the waiting room.  I get to spend some time with my mole-mate Julie and her mom while she waits for treatment!  It's been nice having some familiar faces around to help pass the time!  We decide to grab some lunch and hang out on the 11th floor (gift shop floor!).  Of course as we finish Julie gets the call that her drug is ready!  Again, she beats me back to the chemo chair even though we started out appointments at the same time.  I head with her and her mom to get her started.  After awhile I decide to head back upstairs to see if my drug is ready.  I find out it's ready, just no rooms available.  Such a busy place!

It's around 2pm when I get called in to get started.  That beats 4pm of last time!  Maybe next time I'll get in closer to my scheduled time of noon!  :)  I get a quick 30 min drip with no issues.  Then head back down to see how Julie is doing!  She's taking her 30 min break between drugs (she's getting ipi and anti-pd1).

After a long day it was back home to relax for a bit.  My friend Mike and his cousin are coming to visit for the weekend!  Hotel Youngerberg is always open!  :)

Jackie, Julie, and me!

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  1. I wish you the best! Thank you for sharing your story!