The waiting game

Today is treatment #10 of merck's anti-pd1. The positive of the day is my good friend Julie is starting the bms trial with Ipi and after 2+ years it's the first time we have appointments on the same day! So it was nice to have a familiar face to hang out with!

Blood work was pretty uneventful. At least the process of getting it taken.  I still stop by the 4th floor and have the IV put in and blood drawn.   It's nice to only get stuck once but then I get to walk around all day with an IV in.  And my skin doesn't particularly care for the tape!

Then it's off to the 5th floor to see Dr D! First i have to have vitals done. This would have been done in the past with the blood draw but they use this as a way to let them know I've arrived for the 5th floor and doctor check in. I get called back for blood pressure, temp, and weight! Then it's back to waiting.
It's not too long and I'm called in to meet with the nurse and doctor. They always ask about my sinus congestion and brittle nails. All much better now! :).   No major issues for the check up.  

Then I met Julie and her mom and head to get some food down the street. Typically I just hang out in the waiting room. Of course I get like 2 bites of food in and see a call from Sloan coming in. I hope it's them telling me my chemo is ready but I know it generally takes 2 hours from doctor check to drug mixed and ready.  Seems my bilirubin is high.  This seems to happen every now and then.  I must go back to have blood drawn again.   

I get back and am told to have it drawn on the 5th floor.  When finally called back the nurse tells me she can't pull blood from the IV I already have in.  What?!?  Ugh.  That's what they would do on the 4th floor.  So.... I get to have yet another needle stuck in my hand to have 2 vials drawn.  Boo!   

Then... Back to waiting.  Yep lots of time sitting around.  I finally get called in for my drip around 4pm.  (Have been at Sloan since 10am).   Luckily it's only a 30 min drip.  The poor man near me was told he'd be there until at least 9:30...  

So no major issues during this appointment.  That's the way I like it. Oh and my bilirubin did come down for the 2nd draw.  Guessing it has to do some with being dehydrated.  

Bit of a rainy/gloomy day! Guess it was appropriate given the task... But makes for some fun pictures!

It's the first of the month! Great time to remind you to check your skin!


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  1. Hey! I'm wondering why you do not have a port for all the blood work and for your treatments??

  2. Hi Erin! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I met you at a drug company meeting several months ago in NJ. I also have stage IV melanoma and am on nivolumab in the BMS clinical trial, in Nashville. Your experiences are so very similar to mine, and it is reassuring to read your blog and see that someone else is experiencing so much of what I go through on a biweekly basis at Vanderbilt. The drug is working great for me. Love your blog, and keep up the good work. Stay in touch! ((Hugs)) Kristen :)

  3. Mandi - Thanks for the comment. I think if I was there any more frequently than every 3 weeks I would for sure look at getting a port!

    Kristen - yes I remember you :) Glad to hear it's working well for you!! and thanks for the comments! :) glad folks enjoy reading it! I'll shoot you an email.