Gearing up for another round!

I read this quote months ago on twitter from @FitnessIife: 'Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't do.'

I have great supportive family and friends. And even folks I've never met but hear my story, tell me how strong I am. I think when you're faced with something like cancer you don't think about it - you just do whatever it takes to beat it. I don't think of myself as strong, just someone doing what they have to do! I know folks that have gone thru so much more than I have!

I remember years ago cringing at the thought of giving blood. Now I basically give it every 3 weeks :). (They take a lot for research!!). I never thought I'd deal with surgery or having IV's in but you get through it. Still amazes me how the body can heal and go on without lymph nodes under my right arm, a couple of wedges of my left lung, and a section of my small intestine!

Anyway... Just some random thoughts! Tomorrow is round 15 I believe! Which means another long day of sitting around and waiting :). A small price to pay for a drug that's kicking some melanoma a$$ :).

Protect the skin you're in!


Some photos from this week...
My pups and their buddy!

Turkey's! Gobble gobble!

Foggy morning

Deer at work! Makes me forget about the city life sometimes (for a very brief moment...)

Volleyball playoffs this past Sunday (thanks Andrew for the pics!)

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