Just another day in the life of a lab rat

So I realized that I never posted my last visit details.   My last dose was on Sept 12th.  I think it was my 12th dose?  So many now I'm starting to lose count!  lol!

It was like most days...
- 9:30 am check in
- 10am blood work complete (down to 6 vials of blood!)
- 10:15 rest if vitals up on the 5th floor and wait for doctors visit!
- 10:45 doc visit.  To get the pharmacy started on mixing my drug they need the doctor to give the ok.  And the doctor can't give the ok until the blood work comes back.  The last 2 times there were issues with my bloodwork (once my bilirubin was elvated and then another time the blood sample got messed up and they needed more).  Both of these delay the time I finally get back to Chemo suite.   I had high hopes for a quicker day because when the doc came in he mentioned right away he had already given the ok.  Well...  it still took hours of waiting!  I finally got called back to the chemo suite around 2pm.

I didn't mind the wait.  I always bring things along to keep me busy.  I also had the pleasure of seeing my good friends Julie and her mom Jackie for a little bit!  And had the honor of meeting another 'molemate' Rich and his lovely wife Mary.  While I hate having to deal with Melanoma, there are some great people that I've met along the way.  Rich is newer to the treatments.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!  Starting out on good ole Zelboraf like I did.  Oh how I don't miss the side effects that come along with that one!

I'll be heading back in to Sloan tomorrow for my 12 week scans!  eek!  I'm actually not too worried about them...  then treatment again on Thursday!

Below are a few pictures I took for the 9/11 anniversary.
Have a great week!

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  1. So pleased to read an update from your Erin. :)
    Always in my thoughts and prayers
    PS: gorgeous pics of course and oh so poignant.