Long day...

So the most important thing everyone wants to know - what did the scan results say?!? While I'm still not NED, things continue to move in the right direction! The small tumors in the lymph nodes continue to get smaller! And nothing new!

Things moved about as quickly as they normally do! (Yes... Some sarcasm!). I finally got treatment around 2:30. If ever there was a day that I wanted things to run on time - it was today! BUT... I know how it goes. It's funny how when I'm finally brought back to the chemo suite how they always apologize for it taking so long... It's the same every visit. I know what to expect now.

After finishing treatment I rushed home. Back to my place around 4:30. And finally got some lunch. I walked the dogs, changed, and rushed back in to the city! Why? I was asked to attend melanoma research foundations wings of hope fundraiser. And I was asked to share my story. I always thought I'd get my public speaking experience on the job... But seems melanoma is what is helping with my practice.

I'll share my speech once I get on my real computer. Right now it's been a long, exhausting day. But a good day! Here's to finding a cure!

Here's a few pictures of my day!

The miracle drug! 30 minutes every 3 weeks.

Gotham hall was an amazing venue!

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