The patient patient :)

If there is one skill that cancer can help refine its patience.

- 9:45 am arrive for blood work

- 10:45 am finally back for blood work

- 12pm see nurse and doctor ... Back to being a boring patient. I appreciate that! While there is no real cure for melanoma, maybe we are at least getting close to treating it like a chronic disease. It is pretty amazing to think how far things have come just in the 3 years I've been dealing with it.

- 2:30pm still waiting... It's the "pharmacy" behind, or "waiting for a chemo suite" to open up, etc... Makes for a long day! But I have to remember in the grand scheme of things... It could be much worse. At least I only get a 30 min drip and not 6-7 hrs of a drip...

So here's to finishing round#14! Next set of scans will most likely be end of December / January. Where has this year gone?!?

Hope everyone had a great day!

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