YO Semite... What's up?

So, I tried posting this a few times while I was out in Cali for a few days... but it wouldn't go thru.  I'm playing catch up now!  Last Thursday I headed out to California to visit my good friend Marie.  She was set to have a few days of training at the Tenaya Lodge right out side of Yosemite!  We were hoping leading up to it that the government would get their act together and open back up so we could actually explore inside the park.  Luckily the night before I left that happened!

The view out side our lodge was great.  You can see below.  If you have a chance to visit Yosemite I would recommend it!  We're not talking about trying to see it in other seasons :)  I bet while chilly it's beautiful in the winter!  and in the spring.  I think I can avoid the summer crowds!  We were a bit bummed that the waterfalls weren't really there due to time of year... but overall a great trip!  and  I think a much needed get away!

The view from the Tenaya Lodge

A few other highlights (you can see all I posed here: )...
Bass Lake
Mariposa Groves

"world famous talking bear' in Oakhurst, CA
Horseback Riding Yosemite Trails
"My favorite color is Fall!"
Tunnel View - Yosemite
Marie and I with Tunnel View in the background
view of Half Dome from Granite Point
Top of Sentinel Dome
Jeffery Pine on top of Sentinel Dome - made famous by Ansel Adams
but died during a drought in the 70's...  
Sun sets on our last night in Yosemite...

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  1. You're looking fab-u-lous! The photographs are pretty good too - kidding, they are stunning!! What a place!