Central Park in fall

I know this may sound like a broken record... But where does the weekend go?!? Here it is Sunday night and I once again find that many things I had on my list to do did not get done. I'm ok with that though! The important thing is that it was a nice weekend of seeing friends and catching up with folks!

Friday night was the typical low it kind of night - dinner with friends! This week we decided to venture a few more blocks away! There are tons of great restaurants in the area. Dinner was at skinners loft (www.skinnersloft.com). I had the lobster BLT. It was great!! Afterwards we headed across the street to barcade (www.barcadejerseycity.com). Yes folks ... That's a bar/arcade type set up! It's great to go a bit old school with some TMNT, Ms PAC-man, etc! It's a nice way to change up the Friday night.

Saturday I headed in to the city to meet my cousin Jo. It's funny how I see her more in New York than back home. It was great to catch up with her. We had brunch on the UWS at Calle Ocho (www.calleochonyc.com). It's a Cuban place. Very tasty! Then we spent some time enjoying colors and jazz in Central Park with another friend and then relaxed at a coffee place and caught up.

And if that was exhausting enough of a day, I headed back to JC to let out the pups and then off to hoboken to meet up for a friends birthday party! Our first stop was Boa night club. Had never been in there so it was nice to check things out. After that it was off to good ole stand by trinity.

Sunday was spent catching up on a few things (like laundry and grocery shopping) and then volleyball play-offs. We lost :( but it was still a good season!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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