Another one in the books

Today has to be an all time record for delayed treatment! It was about 4:30 or so before I finally got hooked up! While I try to remind myself that I'm lucky to get this drug... It does make for a very long day!

I arrived at Sloan around 9:30am. Blood work was around 10. It was nice catching up with nurse E. We talked about our holiday and how long I've been on this protocol! Then I got a big hug since I won't see her til January! She's off when I'm in on the 27th.

Then it was up to the 5th floor to wait for my doctor appointment and to see my good friend Chelsea and her mom! Always nice catching up! When she went back to see Dr D I also had the chance to catch up with another fellow warrior Rich and his lovely wife. While I hate that melanoma is the reason I've met some of these great people... I'm thankful to have them in my life and help pass the time while we all wait!

I didn't get back to see Dr D until about noon. Since my appointment was set up to see him at 10:30... I knew it was going to be a long day!!! It's typically at least 2 hours after seeing the doctor before chemo is ready! Today was a record! When they called Chelsea back for her treatment I thought for sure I'd be next! Nope, no such luck. They informed me they hadn't even mixed my drug yet :(.

So... That did give me time to run to drop off my paperwork for my Russian visa!! Got back, and still no drug ready. More waiting...

It was a long day, but it's done. And thankful tomorrow is Friday! Now for some rest!


Ran over near grand central for the visa office!

Finally hooked up to the good stuff!!

Foggy start to the morning!

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