Another round

Today has been a long day.   Funny thing is it actually ran about on time.  It started with me leaving my apartment around 6:40am.  Needed to be at the imaging center around 7:40 to start my tasty scan juice!   I was the only person there for awhile which was nice.  Means it should run on time!  Then it was time to run back over to the out patient facility.  

They took care of taking blood samples... About 10 vials this time.  Then it was up to the 5th floor to get vitals and wait for the doctor.  To help pass the time I got to talk with Rich and his wife.  We are on the same schedule of every 3 weeks.   All blood work looked great!  I always laugh when the doctor comes in and asks me how I'm doing.  He knows on scan results days I'm just waiting for him to tell me how I'm doing :). 

I do appreciate getting results the same day!  Over all results: no significant change from sept scans.  We will take it.  Always like to hear nothing new!  I would be curious to have a pet scan to see if the activity level in the small lymph node tumors has changed.  But still the important news: stable and nothing new!

Just to compare a year:
December 2012: 3.7 cm x 2.5 cm
December 2013: 1.2 cm x 0.8 cm

So this gal is officially exhausted! And plans on resting this weekend after the last week of running around!

Have a great weekend!

Sunset on my way home

Sunrise on my morning walk to the PATH station

Yum... Scan juice.  Totally gives me heart burn!

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  1. You deserve a lovely weekend rest Erin! (Music to the ears to hear no significant changes)