Christmas - Minnesota style!

Sorry for the delay in posting any updates!  Got back to Minnesota late Saturday night!  

Sunday was spent celebrating my niece Gabby's first birthday!  Oh how I wish I had the energy of a 1 year old!  Below are some pictures from my trip home.  Heading back to jersey this afternoon.  Would love to stay longer with family but have a long day planned at Sloan tomorrow - 3 month scans and treatment!  

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

Nap time on aunt Erin ...  I tried to nap also!   It's been a long time since babysitting a 1 year old!

Was able to catch up with some high school friends after dinner with family.  Always nice to hear how everyone is doing!  Glad it worked out for most folks to meet up. 

Little kids love the 'reindeer' hanging up in the living room!

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