Christmas spectacular!

Sorry folks for being MIA!   Between traveling to Baton Rouge and getting hit with a winter cold, I've been exhausted after work!  

Last Sunday some friends andi hit the radio city Christmas spectacular (!  I love New York City at Christmas time.  Ok.... I don't like all the extra people running around... But I do love the decorations and atmosphere!  

We grabbed some dinner and then headed to radio city.  It's an amazing venue to see a show at!  Of course I made the crew stop for a picture with the holiday decorations.  They were all greasy sports!  

Happy holidays folks!

They set this display up every year!  I think I have 5-6 years of pictures from this spot!

Got some good seats!   

Victor trying on his 3D glasses!  Looking stylish!  It was a cool addition to the rockettes show!

This is the live nativity.  I wonder how much poop those sheep and camels leave behind! Lol 

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